Mar 11, 2008

gosh darn it, people like me.

forget it! i like who i am. i'm tired of counting. measuring. weighing.

yeah, i'll probably measure every now and then, i may even go back to a schedule... but for now, well, i just don't wanna. and you can't make me.

but in the mean-time, i have good news! i raised over $400 for kids with cancer!! yaaaay! and my head's really cold all the time now! yaaaay! hah.

i'll tell the whole story later, but not only was saturday important because of st. baldricks, but it was also a first date with a lovely young man named george. i don't have time to tell you much about him, so this little snippet of one of our conversations will have to suffice for now:

me: interesting fact; if i had ben a boy, my name would've been george.
george: ewwwww. well, it's over now. i'd never consider dating a george. sorry. o.O
me: that's a shame, cause i could really see myself with a wolfgang :-D
george: i so don't look like a wolfgang.
me: yeah, well, i don't look much like a george, either.

check out the st. baldrick's album on my myspace page for pics of both me and george. and if anyone knows how to make myspace stop uploading my pictures sideways, now's the time to tell me.

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