Mar 24, 2008

something paid in full...

one more... this is one of my favorites from 2002, written between thanksgiving and christmas. it was written about a guy i hadn't seen since early morning, january 1st, 2000. still haven't seen him. he was, without a doubt, my first love.

i want to see you because
i want to feel you because

because i think you owe me something.
something you had once, first.

something i want, from you.

but first, come within range. put yourself in the cross-hairs.
i want something from you.
once in tiny stolen capacities
once in full, paid back never...*

and you want something from me. something you didnt have in a sh00ting star

something sand in your eye made clear.
something said once to constelations
(through leaves)

i want something from you.

shh come near...
only so much i can do where others can hear

i'll tie your shoelace for a dime
fog your windows for a time

wash over me (like the surf?)::how long ago was that::

are you still ::still reading::

do you even know this is for you.

1 comment:

brandilion said...

Heya Alice!

I'm back from sea! Gratz on the new do by the way, I wish I was brave enough.

I absolutely love this poem. There is someone about whom I feel the same way. My first love I can't let go. I make a fool out of myself thinking he still owes me something. Why can't I just stop being crazy?

glad i'm not the only one this particular breed.