Feb 12, 2008

i select you, naturally!

in trying to figure out more of what i want to be when i grow up, there are a few things that i keep going back to... cooking, animals, etc. i can't picture myself ending up back in the field of working with mentally disabled adults and kids, it's just not for me as a lifelong-choice. however, if you'll watch the video on this journal... i hope you'll understand that it's moments like that that DO give me a little pang of... almost missing it. i always said about that job; when it's bad, it sucks donkey balls. but when it's good... it absolutely melts your heart.

i'm feeling a bit stagnant these days... still walking a lot, still trying to do right by myself, but just not feeling like i have much to say. and i don't want posting to become something i have to force, cause then i'll grow to hate it. i know me, though... this too shall pass and i'll be back to my usual charming verbose self :)

till then, in honor of darwin's birthday i offer you this oh-so-darwinian valentine:

(anyone else find it just a little ironic that i'm posting a video of a child with autism alongside a darwinian concept? anyone? beuler?)


Anonymous said...

Hahaa! I love the card. Perfect for telling that special someone that you want to help evolve the species with them.


MrMajik said...

if you've never read about the Super German Baby, you should.


yes Virginia, we are still evolving.