Feb 8, 2008

the terrible twos

this was a rather discouraging week. i feel like i've been working so hard... i do my old ballet barre routine at home on some nights... on other nights, i do push-ups and play with my dog... i've put ACTIVITY back in my life! i love throwing on a song and dancing around like a nutjob for a little while, i love playing a game of wii sports with my little brother and getting really into it!!

but why are the measurements still exactly the same?
why does my body still feel exactly the same?

i'll resume measurements next week.

(this feels like such a childish post! like i ought to be stomping my feet as i slam doors... no, i want to lose weight NOW! i know it's silly, i know it takes time, i know i need to make drastic diet changes too... but just let me have my little temper tantrum for a few minutes, ok?)

smokin' stats:
day: 6
week: 26
day: 3.5 (took the long way home, heh.)
week: 7.75
total: 22.75

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