Feb 15, 2008

no, i don't think it was 42...

i feel like somewhere between sleep and waking, i knew the secret to life... and i forgot it.

and everyone can just read what i've done on my face.

if you can't tell from the decline in entry quality... i've been in a serious funk lately. i honestly... DONT know what the deal is. i'm exercising, i'm eating better, i'm seeing a counselor... so why do i keep waking up every morning with that same strange feeling? why do i keep remembering fragments of dreams involving my ex boyfriend? why do i... keep having dreams that i'm pregnant?

and why do i wake up every morning feeling completely drained.

i'm working on a running mix... i'm going to attempt to go for a jog after work. that is, if i don't have to walk home. if i have to do that hill, all bets are off.

i hear jogging's good for your mood. i'm supposed to go out with my little brother tonight, and i really don't want to spread this FUNK around. maybe i'll put some funk on the mix... funk the funk out.

ok... that's enough funk.

i started my threesixty6 project last night. day one is me showing off the clapotis that i cast off about an hour before that was taken.

smokin' stats:
day: 0
week: 17
day: 1
week: 5
total: 27.75

1 comment:

Viknits said...

That's so random! The best place I've had one from was Venice, I was going to get a massive 2pint one but couldn't fit it in so got a couple of smaller ones. Was v disappointed when BA damaged my bag and my glasses, clock that I got and a number of other things all got smashed to pieces. Grr!

Well done for running! I've just joined the gym and am forcing myself to go every day with the idea of beating back an oncoming depression and losing weight. I *think* it's helping but it's only been a week.