Feb 2, 2008

january reflections

slipping already, how sad... ::sigh:: well, there's one wednesday gone, but it's ok! just like any diet, you slip up... you forgive. you don't give yourself permission to eat an entire box of entenmans cookies just cause you slipped up and had three!

for the very few of you who actually READ this blog, pleasepleaseplease go check out feral and tell her how wonderfully she's doing. i wish i was crazy brave enough to post a video of myself... i haven't even given you a full length picture yet! i suppose that should be my goal for monday, eh? ok...

alright, january's done... let's have a little wrap-up!

smoking: still going... but i've cut WAY back
sleeping: worse. hm. going to have to attack that one. i'm having some weird freaky dreams lately, too. most involving an ex that i thought i was over long ago...
mental health: started counseling on tuesday. so far... she doesn't piss me off. and that's a MAJOR statement. i've yet to find someone i can stick with without driving myself even crazier...
eating: it's difficult when you can't get yourself to the grocery store... so it hasn't exactly been all balanced diet all the time. but i'm making better choices (whole wheat crackers instead of ritz at the market at the corner... a hearty soup instead of carb-y pasta...) and that's a start.
fitness: well, today was the first time when walking to work felt EASY. my legs are still sore pretty much constantly, but in just two weeks i've cut my walking time in half in the morning.. yay! i'm at 15 miles total, but i started a little late in january so that's ok. i'll just have to turn up the volume for february and march to keep ontop of that runagogo goal!

smokin' stats:
day: 4
week: 28, about a pack and a half in a week... not too bad.
day: 1
week: 3.25
total: 15

1 comment:

MrMajik said...

i read your blog, you read mine. . . fair enough :-)

seriously though good job so far. for me the key to dieting success was always no late night snacks, once i stopped eating anything at all past 8pm the lbs. started to really come off.

. . . then i started my current job sitting on my but all day and put the weight back on.


oh well, here's to a succesfull year for both of us.