Jan 29, 2008

monday #2... even though it's after midnight, it still counts!

robert and me out at the checkmate

that's my lovely cousin, the one who's shipping out soon. his sister came down from boston over the weekend, and ALL the cousins (minus the two that live in north carolina, and the two that aren't legal yet) went out together on friday night. god i love those kids... we really had a wonderful time! so there you go, monday pic #2...

i'm hoping that by doing this eventually i'll be able to look back and see the gradual transformation as i get healthier... here's to hoping that works!

measurement time!! after my first full week of walking to work (with a few rides here and there because of nasty weather) i wonder if there'll be much of a difference...
bust: 49 (up .5, i expect this one to change a lot though depending on the time of month)
waist: 47
hips: 53.75 (down .75, rock on! when i say "hips" i actually mean butt and belly...)
thigh: 29.5 (well that makes sense, i guess... i'm walking a lot)
arm: 16

smokin' stats:
day: 5
week: 5
day: 0
week: 0
total: 11.75

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