Jan 17, 2008

back on my feet... almost.

omg, it's been THAT long since i've posted last? well, ok so if anyone here reads my knitting blog you'll have heard all about the dreaded ICK. a 'gift' from the gentleman of my affections, i was struck down by an evil cold last week. or what i THOUGHT was a cold, cause here i am a week later and i'm still coughing constantly, sneezing profusely, and carrying around 5 extra pounds of just PHLEGM. i didn't actually leave my apartment for a couple of days, thank god the puppy goes in a litter box.

...so needless to say, i haven't exactly been climbing the charts in the runagogo stats world! but i suppose times like this require forgiving yourself, so i'm just going to keep working on getting better... and just get back to moving as soon as i can!

i did manage to get outside for a little while today, though, and i walked 1.75 miles! it's not a lot, but after the last week it's a huge step.

with regards to the rest of my life... we'll face that in another post. not quite ready to get into all that just yet.

week: 1.75
total: 6.25

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