Jan 23, 2008

robert's going WHERE?

ok so yesterday was mandatory hang-out-with-the-cousin-who's-shipping-off-to-iraq day, so i didn't post over at Through The Looking but i'll make up for it today. but i DID get a lot of walking in between yesterday and today! ok so i had a big ol' steak for dinner, but i desperately needed some protein. i had broccoli with it!

back to the cousin. the idiot did 2 years with the navy, as a master at arms, and was attached to a marine unit in georgia. he's been at home again for about a year, no with the reserves. but noooo, that wasn't good enough for him. he volunteered for a station in iraq. he's gonna be... oh crap, i forget the name of the place, but it starts with an R and it's near falujah. and he'll either be guarding a prison, or escorting convoys. guess which one HE prefers. yep, the one where you have a damn good chance at being shot at. in fact, he's HOPING he gets shot at when he's convoyed in for the first time, cause then he'll get his combat... whatever. i love the boy, but he's a little soft in the head. ::sigh::

smokin' stats:
day: 3
week: to many, last night i was quite bad.
day: 1.5
week: 2.75
total: 9

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brandilion said...

I bet it's Ramadi.