Jan 9, 2008

when hell is full, the dead will walk the earth

just so this place doesn't get TOO dry... not all of my goals for 2008 are serious and reflective and introspective... some are just fun! so i figure i'll share something i wrote for my livejournal page here so you can see what i mean:

ok so i've tackled ONE thing so far this year... a zombie movie!

i'll be the first to admit that i'm a big huge baby when it comes to movies. suspense, drama, whatever no problem. i LOVE movies. but scary? zombies? um... hold me.

but i woke up today wanting to change that. so i reached out to the first person i could think of with an extensive zombie movie collection (and it didn't hurt that it was one more excuse to hang out with him)... the aforementioned Complicated Boy! this is the email i sent him:

today, i find myself struck by a very strange tingly feeling. today, i've got a funny feeling in my tummy. today, i find myself wanting something i've never really wanted before...

to watch a zombie movie.

i know, right? i have NO idea where this came from, but i woke up this morning and decided that it was about time i faced my movie fear. now, i'm not willing to watch the grudge or anything (shut up, that commercial HAUNTED me!) but i think i just might be ready for Dawn of the Dead. i waited for a while, wanted it to be just right... the moment's got to be magical and special, you know? but... well... like having sex on prom night (which i didn't do actually...) this just feels right!

so uh... wanna watch a movie with me? i'll feed you clementines and cookies :)

and he said yes! he's a little (read: a lot) sick right now, so i really meant it about the clementines and cookies. he actually raved about my cookies (all home-made) and thought they were delish! yeah, i actually blushed. the poor boy also got a face massage for the congestion, and some lung work cause he's cute. (hey, i've got to put that massage degree to work for me SOME how!) he was still coughing when i left... but looked slightly more comfortable, and hopefully he was able to fall asleep right away after i left. it was worth it to see him relaxed and breathing comfortably for a few minutes while i worked on him.

but i digress! we watched Dawn of the Dead, one of his favorites. he's a bit of a Romero fan. i thought it would be a good way to start, with a classic. watching DotD with him was like watching Pop-Up-Video on VH1!! it was SO much fun, and really informative. i don't know why i was so reluctant to watch that movie before, this is a big step in alice world! now, to conquer the REST of 2008...

on a side note, adam used to say that one of the reasons he liked doing things for me was seeing my "excited face". nothing dirty, folks, but more about the fact that i'm a 5 year old kid. if a good song came on, if something was particularly tasty, if i remembered something i wanted to tell him, i would get all excited and kind of... bounce, and smile, and talk really fast, and get all animated.

adam told me once after we broke up that's one of the things he missed most... seeing "that face you make when you really like something, and stuff".

... that's the face Complicated Boy made any time he was explaining something to me or making sure i was paying attention to a particularly good part. now it just makes me want to make him smile like that again!

back on focus here... check out the time on this post. i THINK i need to make changing my sleep habits a priority.

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teabird said...

"Dawn of the Dead" is one of the great zombie movies - good choice! Every time I go to a mall, I think of the movie, especially around the holidays, when shopper actually do turn into zombies...