Jan 1, 2008

welcome to the unraveling

2008 is the year that i frog myself! ok, if you're not a knitter, that probably sounds really weird right? well, i'm going to start over from the bottom up, rebuilding me, and doccument as much as i feel comfortable sharing here. how's that for plain english, folks?

i wanted the url to just be unravel-me, but that's already taken by some porn bot, hah.

i'll be going back and editing this post occasionally as i consider it kind of my "mission statement". so to get started, the first round of goals are:

1. eat breakfast at least 4 days a week
2. eat at least 2 healthy snacks durring the day so i'm not starving at night
3. incorporate more whole grains and protein, cut out at least 25% of the plain carbs
4. take the dog for a walk every day, and for a LONG (read: more than 15 minutes) walk 3 times a week (she's a tiny dog and doesn't really NEED to be walked... in fact, i'll be carrying her a lot, but she'll have a great time!)
5. get my room ready for the new windows to be installed
6. organize movie and music collections so they can stop their slow take-over of that corner of the living room
7. follow up on my application with SB University
8. figure out where i'm going to work, contact the lady who's already made me an offer if necessary (if i'm not going to take it)
9. meet the knitting goals i've already set over at throughthelooking!

see, it's not all about weight loss. it's about getting healthy and organized, and being happy with myself

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