Jan 10, 2008

let's see, let me think back...

alright so... the couch to 5k thing? gonna have to ease into it MUCH more than i thought! i've cut down drastically on the smoking, but years of that plus my big fat ass mean that i was HIGHLY uncomfortable after attempting to do day one on monday. and today? well, with having picked up a cold from the boy, it was even worse. i made it through about 6 minutes of the podcast before i decided the safest thing was to throw in the towel. i walked home, had myself a nice little snack (two hard boiled eggs) and took a very hot shower.

tomorrow, i'm going to take a nice long walk. no jogging intervals, just me, the pavement, and a steady pace. until i can comfortably walk 3 miles (5k!), i'm going to hold off on starting the program. i think this is the best choice for myself right now... still moving forward, but at my own pace.

i did something really good and really nice for myself today... not the most financially responsible thing, but well needed.

i'll leave you with a quote from one of my favorite songs. i love it because it explains so well how i feel about music, knitting, and my other outlets. just because i'm not helping myself in "traditional" ways doesn't mean i'm not taking any steps to do what i need...

and I'm not freaking out
I don't need to speak to someone
mom you know Ill be okay
trust me believe me hear me
this is my therapy
this is my outlet
this mic's my tape recorder
this stage, a leather couch

day: .5
week: 1.5
total: 5.5


teabird said...

I think all of us are with you in this song - our knitting is our therapy! (And, speaking for myself, the accompanying tea is one of my best drugs!)

Whatever you did that wasn't financially responsible: yay!

rachael said...

Moving at ALL is our goal -- you go! Proud of you for getting out there at all while not feeling well..... :)