Jan 7, 2008

i'm gonna be a runner!

who'd have thought that sentence would EVER be typed on one of my blogs. weird. but there you have it, it's real and in print so i'm gonna do it!

i owe it all to rachael! i'm not sure yet whether or not i'm crazy enough to get in on runagogo (ravelry link! yaay!) but her blog pointed me towards some fantastic resources today...

the first is the couch to 5k plan (you'll have to search for it, i've misplaced the precise link, oops!). this seems like something actually ATTAINABLE. and as much as i'm a bitch when it comes to following orders, i really do better when i'm told what to do when it comes to something like this. yes, i have to make the decision to change for myself, but once i've made that choice... please god someone tell me what to do every step of the way! hehe. so this is perfect for me :)

second is a lovely man named robert who has made a series of awesome podcasts to go with each week's schedule! the music's a little club-y for me, but it's a nice way to keep time on the workouts so i can just focus on my movements. i'm definitely going to give it a shot. tonight after work, the little muttface and i will head over to the lighted track for the first session of the first week... wish me luck!

******does anyone else have any fitness-related podcasts that they'd reccomend? i LOVE being able to listen my way through someone's workout instructions, i think that's why i'm so fascinated by the whole Nike+ thing... but that's too pricey, hah. back to the point... workout podcasts? anyone? i'd love you :)*******

ok i did it, i joined runagogo i couldn't help it. i desperatly need the motivation and encouragement of others if i'm gonna get through this. i'll try to keep my runagogo totals at the bottom of each post from now on.

i walked 4 miles last week so:
day: 0
week: 0
total: 4!

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