Jan 21, 2008

you've got nothing to prove...

so, again i have nothing to add to my gogo totals. i think between all the walking around the other day, and going out on friday with my cousin... i put myself right back in the Ick. i was finally starting to crawl out of it... but i think i did too much too soon. crap. and i'm starting my new job tomorrow! please, goddess, don't let me cough all over my new boss...

in lighter news, i wanted to share with y'all that financially irresponsible thing that i mentioned a few posts ago.

financially irresponsible. personally necessary. sometimes, what i really need is something to ground me and remind me of where i am at that exact moment... only then can i move forward. that's frequently what my tattoos do for me... next week we'll be adding the words to it. it'll say "you've got nothing to prove, stay afraid." the dragonfly and the quote are both from my favorite band, coheed and cambria. the quote, to me anyway, basically means you can stay exactly where you are, paralyzed by fear and whatever else is holding you back... or you can take the first step and move forward.

on a completely different note, i've decided i need a schedule...

tuesdays and thursdays are for posting over at through the looking. updates, funny stories, whatever. i'll also update my ravelry projects whenever i update my knitting blog. my ravelry name is TheLookingGlass by the way.

mondays and wednesdays are for posting here. regular updates, what i'm doing with my life, etc. and, starting this week, i'm going to post a picture of myself every monday, along with my measurements.

question for you folks, though... what measurements should i include? i'm thinking, bust, waist, hips, arm, thigh? seems like a good set, just enough to see my true progress...!

i reserve the right to add extra posts any time i want, but i need to set a guideline of minimums for myself. once i get into a routine i can relax a bit at some point, but as with every major change in my life, there has to be strict rules in the beginning... for my own good!

day: 0
week: 1.75
total: 6.25

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