Jan 22, 2008

the first of many mondays

for those of you paying attention, can you tell me what that is in my ear? ;)

so, there i am. in all my glory. ok, not ALL of it. gimme a break here... the full body "100% truth" shot has to be warmed up to. i'll get there, really.

now, as promised, the measurements. i've made no judgments about them, i refuse to feel bad about my starting point. i am moving onward and upward! but hopefully downward in numbers!
bust: 48.5
waist: 47
hips: 54.5
thigh: 28.5
arm: 16

interestingly enough, though my bust and waist measurements were so close together... if i measure directly under the bust (around the ribs i suppose) it's like 41 inches there! so i think i'd like to make 41 my goal for my waist... so it's at least a straight line down from the ribs. there it is, in writing. i can do it.

posting my measurements is not only a way for me to track my progress... it's also a way for me to better understand how my body is shaped! i realized that i haven't knit a sweater for myself in a long long long time. i think a part of that is because by knitting a sweater THAT BIG it's like accepting that i'll be that size forever. well, that's just not the case! and luckily for me, nothing's permanent in knitting. so i'm gonna brave it, pick out some luscious yarn, and start knitting a sweater for myself. i'm gonna put a bunch of ribbing in the body so that it's forgiving to whatever shape i happen to be when i finish :)

i've added new stats to the bottom if you haven't noticed. i'm really doing my dang best to cut back on the smoking, and i think if i see the numbers in print it'll help.

while still overcoming this evil cold, it's just been FAR too cold to actually walk outside lately. 3 or 4 breaths and i can feel my chest tightening up and the coughing fit coming on. so instead, i've been doing my old ballet barre warm-ups in my kitchen... how fun! unfortunately, that doesn't quite gel with runagogo... i'll just have to get back to that as soon as i am able to again.

smokin' stats:
day: 5
week: 5
day: 0
week: 0
total: 6.25

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